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Discover God and receive revelation of who He is. Discover who you are in Christ.Discover your God given gifts. This is the first step we take at Encounter Life Center and the very heart of how we go about entering into deeper levels of glory. The heart of discoveryis that of a treasure hunter. They know that when they set off, they are looking for something that has real and unimaginable value. Discovery helps you uncover what has not yet been discovered. You are like an undiscovered land that holds great treasures and there is ALWAYS more to discover!!!

Encounter Life Center helps each individual find the unique treasure inside of them. We are a training center that provides tools for believers to discover the deepness of God. We help them position themselves to go mining with God for the treasure and uniqueness that He placed inside of them. A path of discovering God and who He created you to be is our greatest gift and road to intimacy.

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Take a journey into God and EXPLORE. He loves when His people are drawn into this position with Him. Exploring is the second step in the process. After you discover parts of your identity you are invited to explore what you find. The heart of exploration perceives the good and the bad with a childlike innocence, curious and even playful at times. The best treasures are always hidden behind the lies, wounds, fears and misunderstandings, where darkness had tried to shroud your gifts and treasures. God loves to walk here with His people because it is His joy to lead them into the land deliverance and freedom. Intimacy is developed during exploration and you find that God is gentle with those who choose to walk with Him here.

Encounter Life Center has a powerful culture that supports this process. We have found games and exercises within our training assist in the process of exploration. We provide a safe place for believers to take risks and be comfortable being in process, which in turn helps them to grow, mature and enjoy every part of the process. Our culture encourages people to walk together in vulnerability and supports their relationship with Christ and each other.

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In discovery you are uncovering and finding treasure and things the Holy Spirit leads you to. Within exploration you are becoming strengthened, trained and investigating what you find with God. This is also the process where the Word is made flesh in your life. The third step is RELEASING. You make the power, treasures and life flow available to yourself and the world around you. These three steps are continuous and can be happening in many different areas and at different times within the same journey.   RELEASE the Spirit of God. RELEASE the power of the Kingdom and RELEASE who you were called to be is the best gift you can give your family, friends, work, and the world.

Encounter Life Center is a training center that focuses on empowerment and activation by giving believers the tools they need to release the power of the Kingdom in every part of their lives.