Prayer House

What is Encounter Life Center?

Encounter Life Center is a hands on-training and life center. It is a place that empowers believers to live a powerful Kingdom life based on biblical principles. We provide Christians with the tools and the platform to identify and exercise their powerful gifts. Many times Christians have lived a passive Christian life and have not discovered the power that God intended for them to walk in. Each person is charged with a mandate to be active in releasing the power that Christ has given them.

ACTIVATION is the heart and purpose of what we do at Encounter Life Center. Over the last several years Jesus has been showing us about the GREAT TRANSFORMATION that will happen on the earth. He showed us a greater level of activation among his people. God showed us that there are so many who are becoming awakened to their authority and who they are in Christ. Many people are becoming awakened to the message, the picture, and the unique expression that God has placed inside of them. The people are beginning to understand how to live everyday powerfully and have the tools. They discovered that they each had something unique from heaven that they would release. This empowerment added corporately to the body of Christ. It caused the norm to move from being passive within their Christian life to active and powerful for the Kingdom. This movement will not only affect the body of Christ, but the marketplace and cities. Within this movement brought great unity.

The mandate that was placed at the heart of Encounter Life Center. We help the people usher in and receive this great honor that He would release upon us. The heart of Encounter is to do just that… to cause the people to ENCOUNTER the things that He is saying for themselves and to live powerfully in the fullness of what He is releasing. He said, “RELEASE, RELEASE, RELEASE”. So, that is exactly what we intend to do. We will tell you what He is doing and what is available to you in these times and help you see it for yourself.

Statement of Faith

We believe that the Father, The Son and Holy Spirit are a part of the trinity and in the eternal word. We believe in the work of the cross and the blood that was shed by Jesus is the power that we now receive. We believe that through the same power that raised Jesus from the dead we have a right to exercise full authority, life and love. We believe that EVERY believer has this same access and power if they would choose to walk in it. We believe each person who has accepted Jesus has the Kingdom inside of them.